Divine Trash

Star & Shadow Cinema
Stepney Bank
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1

Saturday 25 January 2014
7.30pm – 1.00am

Sounds of Seduction present the award-winning documentary PARIS IS BURNING (Jennie Livingston USA 1991) plus soul food and dancing to DJs Sheena Revolta and Lady Koo.

PARIS IS BURNING explores the black NY drag balls of the early ’80s which inspired Madonna’s Vogue, Malcolm Maclaren’s Deep in Vogue, and the origins of House music.

There will also be soul food, a vogueing competition, best dressed prizes, and lots of disco, HiNRG and camp dance music for you to represent to.

You’ll need to dress like a Fabulous Drag King/Queen – but then you ALWAYS do!

Can you make it? We hope so!

Door tax: £5/£4


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