Dirty Book Club

Newcastle Dirty Book Club

Bar Loco
22 Leazes Park Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Tel: 0191 232 5871

Tuesday 11 December 2012

The Newcastle Dirty Book Club is NOT for those who want edification through the pages of Booker Prize winning novels about middle aged men suffering meltdown, or crinoline clad Victorian heroines suffering marriage to brutal landowners.

It’s for ne’er-do-wells, larrikins, wastrels and gobby harridans who like the Ramones and want to read about sex, true crime, anarchists, drugs, rock n roll and sheer stupidity.

We will meet in caffs and dissolute public houses on housing estates, and will get drunk and argue, while swapping stories, critiques and rumours.

In the lead up to meeting, we’ll be reading Inga Muscio’s CUNT: A DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

Available from Amazon and Abebooks for less than a fiver, so you’ve no excuse NOT to read it.

At the meeting we’ll chat about the book, read the dirty bits out loud, and one book club member will get to choose the next book and venue.


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